letter #2 and poem from UP 3



14th of February 2018, JVA Cologne

Today, I cry

Today, for the first time in more than three weeks, I cry.

Today, we learned that our judge is voluntary making stuff going as slow as possible and we are probably going to stay here another two weeks at least.

Today, we got the stuff we bought from the prison.

Today, we backed veggies and a cake in the oven of the prisoner's kitchen.

Today, the guards are not that bad anymore, they got used to it, or the opposite.

Today, we are the ones giving tobacco to the newcomers.

Today, I look at my well-decorated room and I almost feel it's mine.

Today, I cry.

I cry because I don't want to get used to it.

I cry because my family maybe doesn't know I'm here.

I cry because I cannot hug my brothers and sisters.

I cry because I cannot tell how bad I feel to my best friend.

I cry for the winter I'm not gonna see the forest.

I cry for the beginning of what could have been a love story in the treetops if we hadn't been violently taken away from nature.

But most importantly, I cry for my destroyed illusion of a somewhat thoughtful justice system. Because our life is entirely in the hands of one person, who happens to have nothing to care about our fight, and not in the hands of a dreamed society who wants to protect the people more than the money.

I cry for all the other people sitting in prisons because someone decided it so for them.

I cry for all the families ripped apart.

I cry for all the existences that have been broken.

I cry for all the other other prisoners silently crying in their beds.

- UP 3


21th of February 2018, JVA Cologne

In the end, I'm not so angry at this judge anymore. My time in prison showed me in a way no theory could have how fucked up this system is. I'm way more motivated than before to fight, and the threat of prison cannot scare me anymore. I've done it. One month. I could do two more if it would be of any use. But I guess they're soon going to be tired of spending 100€ (or more? I don't have Internet to check, haha) everyday to keep me inside.

Most of the people are here for stealing. Why not just invest this money in creating them a better life where they don't need to shoplift to survive? Why keeping them inside, they are a danger for nobody 'and even those who are, wouldn't they heal better surrounded by people who don't look at them like they were dead rats?

Well, we've had this discussion dozens of time and you reading me probably agree anyway. Just wanted to say that no time in prison is going to make me give up or get into the system, it is 100% the opposite. As a good human once said: “They wanted to burry us, didn't know we were seeds.” Our branches will grow so big, they will tear apart those iron bars!

I hope you out there are all fine, thanks a lot for your support!


UP 3

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