letter #3 from UP3 about the „Haftprüfung“



23th of February 2018, JVA Cologne, day of the Haftprüfung

Hey you all!

I'm really sorry we couldn't make it to the vegan pizza party*… Next time, I promise!

So here are some things the judge said to me during the Haftprüfung:

- “You are not criminals!” - Yeah, I bet the prisons are full of people who are not criminals. We – you and me – both know this has never been about “criminality”. Well this word doesn't even mean anything.

- “We don't like to put young people in jail!” - Ah? Why did you choose to be a judge then?

- “This is not a kindergarten!” - And the mine is not a sandpit.

I'm happy she didn't pretend that this justice protects the people or that it is the same for everyone, I would have laughed straight up.

That guard (or was it a police officer? I don't know, it's pretty much the same kind of N*** anyway) slapped the back of my face pretty hard when I shouted back at you on my way to the cop car after the Haftprüfung. As if any kind of violence could prevent us to stick together.

Oh and let's talk about that huge polluting 6 (or 8?) cells car they pushed us 3 in, just so they could hide you behind it… But we still heard you, it felt so good to feel your support and be so close to you!

And then what, they closed the whole road to the traffic to take us far from you as soon as possible? Crazy. You almost begin to feel important or that you did something special when so many people are paid to care about you…

Give that money to people who can't feed themselves, not for a bunch of people who randomly attached themselves to something somewhere in a forest, not to cops.

So we are inside for at least three more weeks. What do we need? More glitter to be all nice and shiny the day of the trial! Maybe also some instructions on how to do yoga, some interesting stuff to read about biology, anarchism, everything? 

Oh and instructions on how to make an origami bat. And some more song lyrics and chords. Yeah, that's more or less it.

Thank you a lot again for all your support, you are wonderful!

Love to you outside and rage against those iron bars.

For the wild,


*its what the prisoners wished for after their release

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