Brief #1 von UP 3 / letter #1 from UP 3



From JVA Cologne.

Hi you all!

The best time of the day is definitely the one when I get to open the ton of letters you send to me!

Some glitter and confetti and a bit o love sneak their way to my small room and I cannot prevent a big big smile to enlighten my face. I'm so thankful for all you do for us, and yes, I want more glitter! And pictures of insects!

Yesterday only on of us heard you greet us from the other side, but we are going to listen attentively now, you people are so wonderful!

I am feeling pretty good, taking some time to practise my foreign languages with the other UP's and heating my brain on your sudokus. Being together helps a lot and knowing you're with us from outside is really comforting.

Sometimes I really miss the sun, or the clouds, and I wonder how the frost I see on the short-cut grass of the small park we can walk in for one hour a day would look like, hanging from the old trees of the forest. But the couple of pigeons wandering under my window every night promises me that I'm soon going to be as free as they are.

And one if the other prisoners offered to buy me chocolate so everything is great!

Looking forward to be with you again,

Really happy about how the barricade eviction failed,

UP 3

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