Brief #2 from UP 1 / letter #2 from UP 1



JVA Cologne, 1st of February 2018

Hey everyone,

I want to thank you all for the letters, postcards, pictures and all the solidarity actions, banners, demos, etc. for the money as well (I don't really know what to do with it). One of us could hear you on Monday!

I'm in the female-shaped-body prison in Cologne and we're together in the same house with UP3, UP6 and UP9 which means that even we're all in single cells, we meet everyday in the garden for 1h and in the “hobbie room” for about 3-4 hours, which is really cool.

Also we met really nice people who help us a lot, giving us tobacco, coffee, nice food and we can even play guitar in the “hobbie room” because one of them has a borrowed one from jail, it's so cool!

We're fine, we do some sport in the garden (I call it playground), running for a bit feels nice. We can shower twice a week, which is more than I usually do outside, and we have a warm place to sleep and food service everyday which even it's not always vegan we have vegetarian menu and usually there's no milk or egg.

Still I miss cooking, but Maybe I can do it soon (there's a kitchen-cell in the house and sometimes it's possible to use it).

I don't feel so much wasting my time as I'm doing things I rarely do outside, like reading, listening to the radio (in German), writing A LOT (I'm writing the longest diary I ever did), drawing, etc. By the way, I like sudokus (we share them so we have more) but there's a couple which I couldn't solve yet – they're f**king hard! The really easy ones are boring. We write Antrag (application sheet?) for everything: are therapy, books (there's a catalogue from the books they have), a Carnival “party” which takes place on Monday, but we didn't get any answer yet… it seems like if you don't have a name you don't have so much rights?

I have to say that even it seems that I'm not allowed for the moment to get visits, I got already two “visits” from my super-cool lawyer.

So, if somebody is bored they could send us some news about outside and about how the other prisoners are doing, as it doesn't seem that, at least any of the letters I wrote to the men's jail from here, arrived. Seems like we are not allowed to send letters to other prisoners.

Sooooo thanks to all again! I loved the glitter, the guards didn't!

Keep on fighting and being wild crazy mikes and pain-in-the-ass  for the t****rist ones!

See you soon behind the barricades!

Love and rage from Julia – the yuppie won (U P 1) – as my lawyer calls me

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