Brief #1 von UP 2 / letter #1 from UP 2



From JVA Cologne

Hi comrades!

Sorry for not answering before, I've been quite busy in here on my first days…

Ok, honestly, I haven't.

I've been really bored, walking around, surrounded by the pale-white and shitty-grey walls of this tiny cell, looking through the window wondering how things were going out there, doing this and that (not much, actually), letting the time go on and telling myself to be patient, to stay strong, because things always change. It was not that bad, but it was boring.

Then, suddenly, on my 10th day since I got kidnapped by the state, the clouds got darker, almost BLACK, the wind got stronger, RAGEOUS, and the most beautiful storm I've ever seen shook the walls of this prison and they almost fell down. The once pale-white and shitty-grey walls of this cell became a colourfull collage of letters, poems, songs, stickers, glitter, amazing drawing and pictures that you've all sent to me in all this letters that have arrived, and keep arriving, day by day.

I no longer tell myself things always change, you change them already.

I no longer wonder how things are out there, you tell me.

I no longer tell myself to stay strong, I feel stronger than ever.

I no longer tell myself to be patient, because what the hell, I can no longer wait to get out of here and come where you are, into the wild, and struggle together!

Thanks for all the work you are doing out there, all the thoughts, all the words, all the gifts, thanks for the soli-parties, the banners and the protests (I know there was one in front of this prison! I couldn't hear, but other people did and told me!) and, all in all, thanks for being so awesome and for keeping struggling.

Stay wild. Stay free. Keep the forest alive!

I'll stay strong and join you soon.

Until all are free, no one is free!

With lots of LOVE and RAGE, from JVA Köln,

Foot (UP#2)