Letter #44 from UPIII



Recieved 8th October 2018

JVA Köln, 19th September 2018, rewritten 22.September 2018

Please write letters and send things to the new UPs. Please. I have so many letters, please prioritise those with none!

Please don't write that I'm brace/ inspiring/ you admire what I did or whatever. I did nothing. If you're going to admire or think these things of anyone, please let it be every person in the forest right now who is fighting or supporting the fight. Every single one. They're amazing and need to be recognised for the incredible shit they're doing.

Please don't tell me about solidarity actions "for" me. Do the action because it is right or just to do it, not "for" me. I didn't do anything. If you're doing it to raise awareness through (banners or whatever) absolutely do it. Fuck the system. Show people "justice" doesn't exist in the law. Otherwise do it for all of the UPs - there are a few of us now. Please. Continue reading Letter #44 from UPIII