Letter #5 from UPIII


Recieved 13th June 2018

Köln JVA (JVA Köln?) Whatever. I’m here, Tuesday, 29th May 2018

Hello friends (and post control human)!

This is envelope five, of seven. It contains 10xA6 drawings and this note.

I find I have a lot I want to tell you about but I’m not sure where to start. The atmosphere here is on my mind though, so I will talk about that.

There is a lot of, I seem to have forgotten the word I wanted. Maybe derogatory commentary. Racism, sexism and just about most other “ism’s” are very strongly expressed here. Shaming of every sort.

There’s cliques and exclusion groups. But some days its fluid, like when someone wants something. Someone is super friendly, then I don’t give them tobacco (I don’t smoke, so why would I have any?) and I’m scowled at.

I try and mingle with as many people as I can (I love stories, and there are many to be told here) to get a view of their opinions on others.

As my German (slowly) gets better I can catch parts of conversations. Most of it isn’t worth repeating, and is often very rude.

A strange thing was someone directly asked me “do you like black people?” to which I replied something like “why wouldn’t I?” and thinking “is this a trap? Am I being tested?” The asked didn’t say anything further. Like, we’re all people. Reification: “Skin colour tells you about how to treat a person”. Drop preconceives ideas about things based on nonsense. I don’t know what else to say, my head hurts. I’ve never experienced such bold and obvious disregard for others based on bullshit (I’m trying to keep the language child friendly but damn).

I listen though which tells me more then I could think to ask. We’re all products of circumstance and experience, and I’m trying to widen my perspective and empathy/sympathy for those around me.

In one respect, prison has been good, I’m now quicker to listen before I speak.

All my love, stay strong and keep going.

Over the Wall at Sunrise. Drawing. 15/5/18 6:47am

Note 23/5/18:

This is what I look at out of my window, behind several fences. I like how the trees turn heaps of different colours.
Stay Strong. Drawing. 14/5/18

Note 23/5/18:

Sorry I’m just sending this now!

Drink Up. Drawing. 14/5/18

Note 23/5/18:

I’m super bad at remembering to drink water. I know I need it to live but it’s always the last thing on my mind, and I get really awful headaches because of it (even in here, when I’m four five steps away from a tap at any given moment).

Please avoid headaches and other lack of water gross things, take care of yourself (it’s super important!) and have a little water (in whatever form you want).

Hans in Luck. Drawing. 14/5/18

Note 23/5/18:

For anyone who is wondering, I feel stronger and better than ever. What is there to be scared of now for me? This week ten, what’s another few weeks?

Sometimes this almost feels like a holiday, I just eat, sleep, kick back and read.

I’ve got coffee, friends, all the time in the world to work on my art.

I’m not free (yet) but I will be at some point. I have so many stories to tell, I can’t wait to share them.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.

Keep your head up and keep going!

Love and Solidarity

Self Care. Drawing. 14/5/18

Note 23/5/18:

Just a reminder – look after yourself!

I’m sending all my love, energy, strength and whatever else you need today.

Stay brave.

Note. I don’t remember when I drew this, it must be ages ago as there is no date.

Note 23/5/18:

For anyone who needs to hear this today, or tomorrow, or whenever.

My heart is with you.

Every day. Drawing. No drawing date.

Note 23/5/18:

I draw this positivity stuff for my friends here, I can’t do much else for them in here, but I’m trying to bring a little more light into the world.

If someone can have an easier day because of me it makes me incredibly happy.

It’s not easy – sometimes it’s really damn hard to be positive – but some people here need someone to turn to, tell them it will be okay.

I needed that when I got here, and was lucky someone was there to look after me, so now I’m paying it forward because I’ve found my feet.

I’m trying to be the person I needed when I got here and I’m glad that it’s helping people. I hope it helps you too, whoever is reading these.

No note, no drawing date.

Bono. Drawing. 14/5/18

Note 23/5/18:

I don’t have much to say, I just like this quote.

If my life is a book, I want to look back and be proud of choices I made. I want other people to think “I can do that too” like I have.

I’m in Germany because I thought “why not? If not me, who? If not now, when?” cliché quote I know but I’m a better person from meeting all of you, from being where I am.

If I didn’t see you and think “I can do that too” I wouldn’t be here.

I ope my stay here gives someone out there the same inspiration, there isn’t much to fear with so many people supporting you.
No note, no drawing date.