Open letter, sent to us last week:

Another week has passed, and with horror do I have learned that you are still kept in jail – 48 days without trial, without access to whatever „evidences“ might exist for whatever you might have done or not.

And I write another letter, that, I am sure, will not be delivered to you as the ones before. At least not promptly. Still I go on writing.:

I write to make you feel less alone.

I write to make those who read my letters see that solidarity is stronger than repression, at least in the long run.

I write to build a bridge of hope for you to the day that this nightmare is over.

I write to make the judges and the jailers see, you have friends and a people, who believe in you.

I write to make them wonder how it would feel for them, if their own child sat in jail without any contact, without trial, without letters.

I write to make them understand that love is our motive – yours as mine: love for the nature, love for life.

I write to show that love gives strength and carries far, much farther than the hate and destruction they insinuate you.

I write to make evident that future is on our side.

I write because I have lost my belief in a justice that isn’t just, but repressive.

I write because I am torn between fear and the duty of repression.

I write because I have understood that the police is a brotherhood of violence, an not my friend and helper, as I was told as a child.

I write to declare my solidarity with you, facing the judicial machinery all on your own.

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