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letter #5 from UP2



26th of March 2018, JVA Cologne

Hi Mikes, and all the people out there!

Today it's been a quite nice and warm Monday and I decided to write this open letter to tell you how things are going on in here.

I'm fine, as good as you can be in prison, I think. I've been both sad and angry with all the news of new police operations in the forest, with more repression and imprisoned people. Continue reading letter #5 from UP2 

About the different UPs



Nummern: Für die Unbekannten Personen, die am 22. Januar verhaftet wurden, werden arabische Ziffern verwendet, z.B. UP4. Für diejenigen, die seit dem 19. März einsitzen, sind es römische Zahlen, z.B. UP IV.


Numerals: For the Unknown Persons arrested on January 22, Arabic numerals are used, e.g. UP4. For those who have been sitting since March19, we take Roman numerals, e.g. UP IV.

letter #4 from UP 2



15th of March 2018, JVA Cologne

It's half past eight, and I just arrived to the office again. Facing the white paper, and feeling it's hard to find the words. It's been quite a day, but still, I will try.

I have been forced to take a tough decision five minutes before the trial was supposed to start, while being harassed by the guards because we have to go up, the trial has to start. Continue reading letter #4 from UP 2 

Einige Gedanken zu Personalienverweigerung im Knast



PDF: PV-UPHambi5

„Das hier bei uns ist ein geben und nehmen. Du sagst uns deinen Namen und dann bekommst du einen Stift.“

Mit solchen Worten wurde ich begrüßt in der JVA Köln Ossendorf. Einige der Wachteln schienen sich von Personalienverweigerung persönlich angegriffen zu fühlen und versuchten uns das Leben so schwer wie möglich zu machen. Warum also sollte mensch sich all diesem Ärger „freiwillig“ aussetzen? Eine häufig traumatische Knasterfahrung riskieren und Strukturen außerhalb belasten, wo doch schon die Haftrichterin uns angeboten hatte uns gegen Angabe unserer Personalien zu entlassen? Continue reading Einige Gedanken zu Personalienverweigerung im Knast 

Letter #2 from UP2



Latest Prison Demo 1st of March 2018


This last Friday afternoon we were not allowed to go to the hobbie-room or to do Umschluss (going to another cell) and I was in my cell when suddenly heard a bunch of noise from outside, opened my window and heard it louder.

It was you! Tried to answer back, then I heard you going, then coming again, and as I told you that day we were all in the cells, so not just me but many people heard you, and the day after some people were talking about it in the garden, and also some asked when would be another day to leave the window open and hear it.

And as I’ve been many times on the other side of the wall, and many times have wondered if people inside would hear it or not, just wanted to tell you that:

Yes! We hear it! And it’s empowering.

Thanks for coming!

Love and rage,