Letter #26 from UPIII



Recieved 2nd August 2018

JVA Köln

Trees and flower spirits/fairies. Drawing. 1/5/18 – 8.20pm

They can lock up my body, but they will never take away my brain. Drawing. 19/7/18


A friend here said this once and I really love it.

I cannot escape here, except into my head.

It’s the one place that I am free; free to think, to imagine, to remember.

They cannot take, and cannot control what I think.

Which is good.

Because just wait till I’m free…

Stray BRAVE!

Again. Drawing. 19/7/18


I’m thinking about Tuesday, the date of my trial, and I think that:

Once again, I will be stripped naked and searched.

Once again, I will wear heavy, tight, short chained handcuffs and footcuffs that will

once again, leave bruises.

Once again, I will be dragged by the arm, by at least two guards to

once again, face a judge and

once again, I will walk, head high, shoulders back.

Fuck you, I will think.

Because, once again, I am called forward as UPIII.

“I am UP.” I have won.
From UPIII to you

This, too, shall pass. Drawing. 14/7/18


I really held on to that saying when I first arrived here; “This, too, shall pass, it might pass like a kidney stone but it will pass.”

I really need it now, approaching what (I hope) is an end to my time in prison. The count down to my court date – ten days to go.

So close, so far.

The time will pass anyway, I just need to hold on for a little longer.

Soon, soon, soon. 

See you all in freedom!!


With Wings. Drawing. 2018

Autumn Anarchist. Forest fairy who stole a cranberry. Drawing. 3/5/18 – 8.08am

Never give up the fire. 29/4/18 – 5.05pm

Few types of wing ideas. Drawing. 3/5/18 – 1.17pm

The corner of the box in house 10. Drawing. 30/4/18 – 8.44am

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