Letter #17 from UPIII



JVA Köln, 22nd July 2018

Hey there dear friends (and post control),

I hear that my letters (or at least some of them) are not getting through to you, as your letters are not getting through to me, or if they are they are dated from March/April. Really post control (Seriously what the fuck.)

And because of the above this may not reach you, but I’m fucking going to write anyway because this is bullshit.

Knowing these letters aren’t reaching you makes these more annoying to write. It feels like I’m better off talking to a brick wall. Do I rewrite the same shit again or talk about something else? I don’t think it really matters anymore.

So hey there wonderful, courageous, strong, beautiful freedom fighters. I believe in you, I believe in us. Someone wrote to me that the time the state is stealing from me by keeping me in prison is the price we pay for fighting. I really love this, the notion of “us”. They wrote “it hit one -but we are all meant”. By keeping me they are trying to tell you to stop fighting. I want you to keep moving forward with your middle fingers up. I’m fine, and I’ll be back soon. This is us and we are not stopping.

Never give up, never back down. Hold your head high and stand at the gates of hell with such fire in your heart that even the devil is afraid. Support your friends, your prison homies, every damn human who is fighting for a better future.

We are made of stardust (this is legit, go look it up) and have such endless power inside us, such energy, so light your fucking fire and go show the world that we will not bow our heads.

Power to the people. Fall down and we will help each other back up again. Trial, error, every step forward is a success, a victory. Everything counts. Everything helps.

I’m still here, week fourteen, because we are making progress. Repeat that. We are winning. The state is afraid. Why else keep me in prison? What did I do except assert my own freedom? Say “I will not bow to a system of violence and repression”? Fuck ‘em aight, I do what I want. I’m on the right side of history, and so are you. Keep going. You’re doing great.

Arrests are victories. They wouldn’t arrest us for protesting if they weren’t afraid of what we represent – Anarchism as more than an idea, as a physical force. The world is changing and the future is on our side, and the current system can feel it. And it doesn’t like it.

So, dear friends, keep your heads up and hearts open. Keep moving forward. We’re going to be the ones to change the world. Believe in yourselves, and it’s okay to take time out when you need it.

Don’t burn yourself out, it makes it harder to get back up.

Stay strong, stay wild, stay brave and keep the rage.

I miss you, I love you, and I’ll be home soon.


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