Letter #12 from UPIII



Recieved 26th June 2018

JVA Köln, 17th June 2018

Hey again friends! How are you all?

So I drew up this chart thing of forest vs. my usual place of residence vs. prison but it got damn messy so I’m going to redraw it here so you might be able to read what it says. Enjoy.

I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of things but this was most of what I wrote/could think of. It’s now 12:55am (so it’s actually Monday now oops) so I’m going to write a few more things quickly and go to bed (breakfast is at 6am).

So it seems like prison lost and the forest won but my topics are not exactly clinical/unbiased so that is not really fair. But it shows how much I disagree with prison and how difficult it can be staying here at times. It was strange for me trying to compare the three because they are all wildly different from each other.

I think I’d still choose the forest over the other options though regardless, because I felt much more “at home” there than I’ve felt here or at any house. That feels very bold to say but I’ve never been around so many people the same beliefs or passions as me, and I loved every minute of it (except maybe the few after I can laughing through the snow and the realized that it meant we had to melt snow to wash dishes, because all the water was frozen). That was definitely an experience, freezing my fingers off trying to clean a bunch of cutlery…

Anyway I hope you’re all well and doing okay, I miss you and should have a trial not long after you get this letter I guess I’ll hear you then.

Stay strong, stay wild, stay brave. I’m sending love to all of you and energy to keep fighting (and solidarity, rage and whatever else you want/need). You’re doing great!

<3 UPIII/VⒶhra