letter #5 from UP2



26th of March 2018, JVA Cologne

Hi Mikes, and all the people out there!

Today it's been a quite nice and warm Monday and I decided to write this open letter to tell you how things are going on in here.

I'm fine, as good as you can be in prison, I think. I've been both sad and angry with all the news of new police operations in the forest, with more repression and imprisoned people.

Last Thursday I could spent an afternoon with UPIV, we were in the same "Haus" for one day, before he was moved again because somebody thought we should not be together. Plenty of genius with great ideas around here. At least it was nice to be able to talk to him for an entire afternoon and to share ideas and experiences.

From the other UP's, all I know is that the letters I've tried to send them have been returned and I've been told that "they are not here any more".

Personally, my situation is good, as I already said. I'm feeling healthy and strong both mentally and physically, and right now a little bit nervous and excited about the trial that will finally take place on Thursday. I'm very optimistic about it, knowing that I should be released after it and expecting this to happen.

But still, a part of me is untrusty, telling me I should expect nothing, given all the previous experiences. I guess it's just a self-defence mechanism, but has worked pretty good so far so I'll let that feeling to be there, and just remain positive and at the same time prepared for any possible scenario.

This two months of imprisonment will for sure affect me in ways I still have to discover. This will come, after getting released and healed, but I'm happy to feel that my freedom has been compromised just physically.

I think of freedom as a simple idea, a choice, something that will never be achieved but can always be pursued, as long as you are willing to do it. And even though my physical freedom has been seriously injured, I feel it to affect mainly my body, knowing that that will is still there, quietly standing, maybe even stronger and more determined than ever.

And this is a very nice and empowering feeling that I wanted to share with all you, because I'm aware that if I'm being able to feel this while in here, is just because you made it possible with all your support from out there. I'm not going through this, we all are, so thank you very much for that and see you soon!

Love and rage.
Amor y rabia.


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  1. Dear Foot, even in bad things often is one grain of good. The police or the justice system wanted to punish you for having been in a certain place or having stood in for your ideas. Of course you have experimented very black hours or days in these two months. But ALSO – and that the justice never intended – have you seen and felt the reality of friendship. Not only as one regards this or that person as a friend. But you have received letters, postcards, riddles, glitter, books, even German lessons (if they ever reached you) and all kinds of love and support messages from people you knew and got to know; from countries all over Europe – far more than any theory could ever have told you. And this you take with you, if you leave jail, and will never forget for the rest of your life. I am sure it will give you a trust in the power of love and friendship – every single unhappy guard, who works for the penalty system will envy you for…

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