letter #5 from UP3



So we were pretty scared, last night, because UP1 had been taken to a whole bunch of hospitals during the day. They took a lot of pictures of different parts of her body, radio graphics of her mouth and hand and, after she refused to give them urine, they stole some of her blood.

We were scared the judge may have ordered to get our DNA and other personal informations about our body to try further to identify us and save it all in the big machine. We felt like they were trying to steal our bodies away from us.

So this morning, when they came to take me, I asked to see my lawyer. Not possible.

Then I want to see the order from the judge. I'm not following you anywhere before I understand what is happening to me. They answered that the paper was in another house, that they only got the order on the computer, that I couldn't see it. Fine, you'll have to drag me there then.

But after 30minutes, they had miraculously found the paper and I had five minutes to read it. Actually, the judge only asked to get a medical approximation of our ages. What were the pee and the blood all about? Oh, she just wanted to know if we were pregnant.

I was so relieved!

I was ready to follow the guards, but they had taken their precautions and four really big and strong screws were waiting for me, in case I still wanted to make troubles.

They handcuffed me and foot-chained me directly in the house and I think they emptied the whole hallway because at every house entrance, lights were blinking as to say “don't leave the house, a dangerous prisoner is walking down here now”. It took me an eternity to get to the cop car with the chain and the other inmates were looking at me through the doors, not understanding why this very small person with a big grin of their face was chained and surrounded by four gorillas.

Once in the SUV, they changed my handcuffs, because I didn't make problems, I was allowed to have the female design (that really hurt less). On the way, I saw a “Free Hambi” banner handing in a tree. I was so happy!

At the first hospital, the person who had to take pictures of my intimate body parts smiled when she saw the “smash sexism” I had drown on my chest, and my purple armpit hair, and the glitter on the ones of my pussy. I gave my urine so they didn't take my blood.

At the second hospital, I gently asked the doctor if he thought I should have my wisdom teeth removed. He throughly looked at the radiography and told me that no, I could let them be. Perfect, I got a free dentist consultation!

At the third hospital, they checked my lungs in an MRI. Hope they don't find any cancer, with all the smoke I've been passively inhaling since I'm inside...

I got back (without chain and only one screw in the hallway) just on time to hear two lovely people occupying trees with a banner that I could see from my cell. Freiheit für alle Gefangenen, Free the Hambi four, open the door!

I love you guys!

So what to remember from today is, that this time, they preferred to show me a paper rather than to use violence against me. It is a small victory but it makes me really, really happy. I obtained a right by standing up for it.

I am so sorry that UP1 had to go through all of this without knowing what was happening and thankful too, because if she hadn't gone there first and told me what happened, I could not have prepared myself for what was coming.

UP 3

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