letter #5 from UP1



4th of March 2018, JVA Cologne

Hey people,

thank you all for being there the last two Fridays at the court, it was great to see and hear you, the first one, I heard you playing Bella Ciao while I was walking through the corridor towards the door of the court with the feet-handcuffs as slow as possible to hear you more time and with a smile in my face, it was so great <3

And last Friday I could see you a little more because this time the car was not so big.

We also heard you last Tuesday at the demo, now we are in another house, they changed us 1,5 weeks ago and it is at the other end of the prison, facing the street, so we could really hear and feel you very near from us.

At that moment we - UP3 and I – were at my cell and we tried to scream as loud as we could and make noise with a tin and a spoon but then a screw came very angry at us and said something like that she didn’t give a fuck that our friends would be out there and that we couldn’t scream through the window.

We were really angry and sad but that way we could hear you better I heard the person who has the same birthday as me screaming something really nice at the megaphone and I was so excited and happy then, thanks!

In this house the kitchen is always full but we’re finally going on Tuesday and we’ll bake a cake and have a pizza with all the stuff we got last Wednesday with the Einkauf (shopping).

Also this week we’ll go to art therapy 2 times and the women’s group, and we’ll try to go to the kitchen again at the weekend. We got some very cool times and we’re still getting letters everyday which is really nice, thanks!! It seems like the trial will be on the 15th, but I don’t know if it’ll be only one day or more…

Till then I’ll keep on playing the guitar, reading, writing, this kind of prison stuff… 

Actually sometimes I have the feeling that time goes very slow and sometimes very fast, cause it feels like we arrived only a couple of weeks ago and actually it’s been six already, but I’m very lucky to be together with UP3, cause it makes it very easy, and the funny thing is that we actually first met the day we got arrested!!

And now I feel like I don’t know what I would do without them! I guess I’d maybe learn more German, but I’m already learning mire German that in the Forest, so it is all right.

We are very pleased with the support that is coming to us and we are looking forward to join you back in the woods.

This week I got some letters from friends I used to live with before going to the forest and it was all very lovely, I don’t have your address from them, so please, if you read this, send me an address to answer!!

A lot of love and rage, stay free, stay wild and see you soon!

Julia UP1

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