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From the 7th of February, JVA Cologne

Hi you all great Mikes!

I have to say that usually the moment when I get letters is the best of the day! Also because it's the same moment that UP 3 comes to my cell with theirs so we can share them and know what's going on out there.

We're amazed by how much work you are doing from all different places, we do feel all the plenty of strength, love, rage, solidarity, etc. you send us every time we read or hear you've been out here by the other side of the walls, and the demos and soliactions that happened around. Also we get plenty of postcards and some pictures we hang on the walls of our ugly cells.

This week I finally got to know that we can communicate with the Ups 2 and 11 who are in the men-body-shaped-section of our prison when I got answered my letters to my friend Foot (UP 2), so I just wrote something for UP 11 as well! And we don't need stamps for it!

Yesterday I saw my lawyer and unfortunately things are not going as we expected and I still have no clue about how much longer we're going to stay here, but it's fine.

We're trying to get books again (1st time didn't work) and also series/movies to watch on our friend's cell (she's got a TV). Tomorrow it's her birthday and we'll go to the kitchen to bake a vegan cake!

Today, there's a carnival “party” and maybe we can go!

Also today we're supposed to get the shopping list, finally!! And then I'll be able to have some chocolate and soyamilk and some different food that the bread with margarine and the prison vegetarian lunch, thanks to the money you organized for us!

I also want to thank the people who took care of our stuff and put it in a safe place and to the people who showed the forest to those who were coming last weekend to see me.

Also I want to send greetings to the released Ups, I'm looking forward the hear your stories and I hope you are all fine <3 and that we can meet you in the forest very soon when they get us out from the fucking boxes!

Ciao! Julia – UP 1

Update: We went to the carnival “party”. It was very weird, but the cool of it was that I could meet an anarchist prisoner who I had heard of since she got arrested 2 years ago, and she gave me so much power! She met another Hambi person about 1 year ago before xmas and sends greetings.

I also got the shopping list! But I don't understand most of it... I got two books in English: Harry Potter 6 and 7!


Recieved at the 19th of February.


after long “holidays” it seems like mail works again. Since last Thursday (8th) there as been quite some guards taking free days and that means for us that we can't send/get letters and also the schedule changes and we get looked at 3pm until 8 am more or less.

But since I got a borrowed guitar and a nice book (Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham) last Thursday, it hasn't been so bad! I just finished the book and tomorrow everything's going back to no normal again.

Last Tuesday afternoon it snowed and the snow stayed for about 4 days, and today, it surprisingly snows again! I wonder how is it there in the forest...

I'm almost excited about waking up tomorrow at 6am just because I can send letters. And soon we'll get the shopping so we'll cook nice vegan food and bake a cake!

These last days we started to watch some chapters from 'Orange is the new black' at an inmate's cell, I have to say that it's quite funny to watch a series which takes place in a prison for women while we're also in one.

Last week I got about 40 letters with plenty of nice words, pictures, glitter, stamps and confetti; and also a “weekend magazine” with “famous people's reactions to the Hambi 9 imprisonment” which makes my cell way nicer every time and I want to thank you all again for it.

Also got the news about that we'll have a hearing again in Kerpen for the “Haftprüfung” I guess soon, we don't know the date yet, but it's supposed to be before two weeks. There, the judge will decide whether we get released or go back to jail until trial... we will see!

Also got the news about Gobblin-town! We're looking forward to see it! And to be back in the forest soon! Until then, we'll keep on leading a lot, playing guitar for hours, having the 1-hour-walk a day, hanging around and sharing letters and knowledge, writing letters, etc. and of course, learing more about jail.

It's all right! See you soon! Love and Rage! And burn the prisons!

Julia – UP 1

One thought on “letters from UP 1”

  1. To: Julia Up 1

    Hi Julia,

    I don’t know if you will receive this letter but I wanted to write you something. I really appreciate how brave you are and how well you are dealing with everything. Knowing that they got you made me feel extremely frustrated and sad.
    I miss you so much and I am really glad I met you last year. I am looking forward to cooking vegan food together again and attending to our lecture club haha I wish I could give you a massive hug!!❤

    Lots of love,


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