[Hambi 9]Briefe von den freigelassenen / letters from the released

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Recieved after their release. From JVA Aachen.

Hello Friends!

Thank you for the letters you have sent. It surprises me how it made me happy. 

So far I have felt pretty well, trying to take the best out of this experience, still it was nice to recieve some support. I am definetely interested in recieving more letters, stamps, pictures (nature, other form of livings...), glitters... Poems of course! The warrens were a bit suspecious with the glitters, wondered if it could be inhaled through the nose.

I am planning to write more; answer to everybody & write something to be posted. So far I had been waiting for the court & to find out hour long I will have to stray.

As I am writing now it i Thursday, February the 1st. Tomorrow we have an appointment in Düren with some judge whatever. I think it is called „Haftprüfungstermin“, I am not sure what it means but I hope that after we will know better about our situation. I am planning to use the glitter for this appointment*, I will be so shiny:)

In the first letter I recieve, the one with the Batman paper (amazing one „The way back“ it made me think & laugh & wonder), there is in a small paper the address of JVA Köln with six Unbekannte Personen.

Some of the main concern I have here is food. I am looking forward to get some vegan friendly & nutritious & tasty food. I recieved a donation of money so I theoretically can „buy“ some food. But in Jail, as you probably know everything „dauert“ (takes time). I can’t get anything before next next Tuesday.

I was advices to „keep my head up“ which when I do, I think  about activists & anarchists ehi are in Jail & in much tougher conditions than German Gefängnis (Jail). I also think about the struggle for Climate Justice & more broadly „liberation“, and thoe will sadly have to take many of us in Jail. So we better get used ti it & used to upporting each other. WHICH YOU DO! So thank you so much!

amor y rabia!


* some of the Hambi 9 did appear with lots of glitter all over their face to their appointment with the judge...

UP 6 en

Recieved after their release. From JVA Cologne.

Dear ABC and all friends outside!

- dark morning thoughts -

Yesterday night I made this collage from a christian magazin (called chrismon) that I could take from church (yes we went to church!). We take/do everything that is possible here and we played Bingo during the ceremony.

The weekends we’re closed in our cells from 15.00 until 08.00 o’clock. Quite a while, especially without a watch that could tell you what time it is after sunset.

And yesterday night I couldn’t really fight the dark thoughts. The constant repression, the fact that they controll your life completly and you have to obey the whole time, is really hard for me to stand. It just works to forget about it and surpress the thought from time to time.

I guess you get used to it at some point. But I’m scared of that moment. I think that would feel for me like giving up. Then I’d be like the panther in the poem of Rilke. I always loved that poem but I think now I can understand this panther even better.

- good midday -

Just while I was writing this letter, they came with lunch and mail for me. I can’t describe how touched I am by the letter I got. Thank you all! It’s so good to be reminded of all the people caring about me, keeping on resisting on the other side of the fence.

I also got the appointment for the „Haftprüfung“. It’s gonna be on Friday the 2nd of February at 13.15 p.m. in the court in Düren. It feel very good to have at least this date, so I can wait for something and not just wait. I hope it’s gonna be the end of all this shit.

- amazing afternoon -

Just now even more letters arrived with pictures to decorate my cell, stamps to answer you all, riddles, songs and stories to keep me busy and so many beautiful words. Thank you so much!

I could never imagine when I was writing letters to prisoners in the past how much they can mean to people. Right now I feel so strong. I feel like that all this solidarity and love has a real chance to win against this cold, grey walls and fences (I know that sounds very hippie-like but I’m just too enthusiastic to stay cool) Thank you for arranging all the annoying tuff for me!! That helps me a lot to „relax“ here.

Thank you for the address of the prison in Aachen. We tried to find it out the unsuccessfully. I will share everything with the other yuppies and we will send back tons of letters (now we have stamps!)

All the love (right now I don’t feel rage),

P.S. We heard you tonight! Could you hear us?
PP.S. I found at that one of the letter didn’t make it to me because of too much glitter…but the guard was really fucking mad. EVERYTHING IS FULL WITH GLITTER!

UP 9 en

Recieved after their release. From JVA Cologne.

Dear hambi-friends!

I am so happy that I get to know you all. Now I have really the opportunity to realize it. I miss you! And the forest life. I really hope you’re all ok.

I heard somebody got hunt badly on monday…? Here at least we are four, and we can spend time together. Hambi bleibt here too (in the mind). But the daily life has nothing beautiful in comparison with hambi. But anyway it’s an experience, it’s for hambi and I’ll (we) be back soon =)By waiting I started to write again…and read. Like always. 

I am looking to see you all again. Until this moment, I hope everything will be fine!

Bises, Coton.

UP 4 en

Recieved at the 1st of February 2018 from JVA Aachen. The letter was written in both, German and English.

Dear forest, Mikes, humans, animals, plants, beings!

I write this as an open letter to you all! You, who read this & those who already left the forest. To all the different people with whom I experienced so much in the last months! People who have been to the forest for just a single day & people who have been there for years! Those, I instantly had a super good connection & those with whom I am still not close. To all the people I learned to love & to laugh but also to fight & to cry in such different ways. To all you: THANK YOU FOR THIS!

Your are so deep in my heart! I got in touch with the whole struggle in April last year and was instant flashed of, how resistance can exist in such a radical way and takes in the same way, so much care about itself! Together with you, I have learned, experienced, lived, partied & was cold, danced, laughed & loved.

We have sang and have been quiet, totally wet we tried to keep a little fire alive and by time I learned more & more how fire really works! Together we won & thought we can keep this forever, just to realize we are at the very beginning.

You showed me, how perfect we can work together, hand in hand but also how stupid and egoistic we can be to each other! Learned, how to use so much different things & techniques I felt how Anarchy was nearly in my hands but than it went in unreachable distance.

But all this would be nothing without the consciousness that it is worth to keep fighting! Even if after next evictions Mikes are in Jail again, we will go on! Because I know, that yo know, that we all know:

No one is free until all are free!

Love and Rage!

UP 4 de

Erhalten am 1. Februar 2018 aus der JVA Aachen.

Lieber Wald, Liebe Mikes, Liebe Menschen, Tiere, Pflanzen, Wesen!

Ich schreibe dies als offenen Brief an euch alle! Euch, die das lesen & auch all denen, die schon weiter gezogen sind & sich gerade nicht mehr im Wald befinden. All den verschiedenen Menschen, mit denen ich in den letzten Monaten gemeinsam so viel erlebt habe! Menschen, die sich für nur einen Tag & Menschen, die sich schon seit Jahren im Wald aufhalten. Denen, mit denen ich sofort eine super dicke Connection hatte, und denen, mit denen ich mich heute noch schwer tue. Allen, mit denen ich auf so unterschiedliche Weise Lieben & Lachen, aber auch kämpfen, Weinen & Trauern gelernt habe: Danke dafür!

Ihr seid mir so heftig ans Herz gewachsen! Ich hab den ganzen Struggle erst im April letzten Jahres angefangen kennen zu lernen & war auf Anhieb derbe geflasht davon, wie Widerstand auf einer so radikalen Weise existiert, die gleichzeitig so unglaublich behutsam & rücksichtsvoll mit sich selber umgeht.

Ich habe gemeinsam mit euch gelernt er- & gelebt, gefeiert & gefroren. Gelacht, getanzt, geliebt & gelebt. Wir haben gesungen & geschwiegen. Durchnässt versucht ein kleines Feuer am Leben zu halten & mit der Zeit immer mehr & mehr gelernt wie Feuer wirklich funktioniert! Gemeinsam gewonnen & geglaubt diesen Zustand für immer so zu halten, um dann doch zu realisieren, dass wir erst am Anfang stehen.

Ich habe gezeigt bekommen, wie genial wir sein können, wenn wir Hand in Hand zusammen arbeiten, aber auch erlebt, wie unfassbar dumm & gemein wir zueinander sein können. Gelernt, wie so viele Dinge funktionieren. Techniken, Tipps & Tricks herausgefunden, gespürt, wie Anarchie praktisch mit den Händen zum Greifen war, um dann zu sehen, wie sie doch in unerreichbare Ferne rückt.

Doch all das wäre nichts ohne das Bewusstsein, dass es sich lohnt weiter zu kämpfen! Auch, wenn nach der nächsten Räumung wieder Mikes im Knast sitzen, wir machen weiter! Denn ich weiß, dass ihr wisst, dass wir alle wissen:

"No one is free until all are free!

In diesem Sinne, bis bald!
Love & Rage

2 thoughts on “[Hambi 9]Briefe von den freigelassenen / letters from the released”

  1. Diese Briefe von den zum Glück nicht mehr Gefangenen zu lesen und zu wissen, was unsere Briefe und Postkarten bei ihnen bewirkt haben, ist so schön, krafterfüllend und ermutigend. Der Kampf für eine saubere Zukunft für unseren Planeten geht weiter, und wir sind dabei Alle füreinander da. Wir sind bei Euch!

  2. Wer hätte gedacht, dass man bei Briefen aus dem Gefängnis auch lachen kann:
    Der Wärter, der sich fragt, ob man mit dem Glitter kokst, und Bingo in der Kirche – das ist einfach ZU SCHÖN!!!!

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