Brief #1 von UP 1 / letter #1 from UP 1



From JVA Cologne, recieved 2nd of February 2018


it's difficult to write to people outside. I wrote something for my parents, but I threw it away… and then I wrote a long letter to my buddy UP2, who is in the men jail, but I don't know if he'll get anything.

I'm writing a diary. I enjoy writing and also reading, but I already finished the only book in English that was in the book shelf in the hall and I have to wait until Wednesday to get the books I applied for (one for learning German, one from J.K.Rowling and a couple more). We also applied for a guitar (I'd be so happy if I could play the guitar…). Actually the Ups are helping me to fill the Antrags…

I think a lot about the forest and my friends, I wish I could be with you around a fire. Sometime (usually( I have bad moments but in general it's quite fine. We make a little bit of sport when we go outside, and we try to support each other as much as we can. In the cell we have a radio so we can listen to music, it's nice.

Now I got a book for children, but still I don't understand anything, R. is helping me with the translation and then I study when I'm alone (we started today). It's about a girl who survived the Holocaust, UP 6 was reading the same story but in an adults book.

UP 6 built a chen table and we drew the figures but it's difficult to play because if we breathe deeply everything flies away. We'll fix it somehow.

There's a very nice girl who is helping us a lot, she gave me a pyjama trousers today. She's sweet.

I saw Maya written on a door last week. It was cool. There are people here who know her. I think the girl from the pyjama does.

I was very happy to hear Jesus point's tripod was still standing. How is everything in the forest? I hope to get some news because it's been already a week and I have no clue if they came back or not.

I really miss freedom, the forest, the nice company around the fire, the food, etc… although here it's not as bad as I expected (thanks to my other three Hambi comrades, otherwise I'd feel way worse).

I hope to see all of you very soon.


Julia(is my new name)

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