Poems out of prison:

The radio beeped and I thought “hey, that’s curious”
But with no explanation I was instantly furious
So I smashed it and ate it and tore down the walls
And I screamed to the heavens to answer my calls
Then I sang a nice song and I told a nice tale
And went back to my bed in my comfortable JAIL

Do your best or do your worst
But I won’t take your foolish curse
For life s sacred and I won’t make it
That I pay you to try and take it
From my hands and into yours
My time will come without your urge
To kill me faster and render me weaker
I won’t accept the concept of bleaker
Existence while I walk the eArth
My body’s my home and my heart’s the hearth
So do your best to take my freedom
It’s not my lungs that you will feed on
So attack my body and attack my rights
You will not win without a fight

Fuck tobacco

So here I am in the midst of the night
So I take to the pen, again so I might
Vent my creative flow of words and of thoughts
And it’s good use of time, I say that I ought
To make best use I can of the heat and the light
Provided to me by the social blight
That is oil and is coal and is money and greed
Against what I stand for, but burn it I plead
For the faster destruction occurs of the things
The faster the apocalypse future begins
And for that point I promise, for nature will heal
And dense of humanity will help to reveal
The power of the earth to an end our mistakes
And will quickly scab over the scars it creates

For the sacred is holy and the holy is sacred
But you can’t control me for it is what you make it
For true freedom lies solely in mind
So I continue to search, continue to find
The answers and progress
Within my own my own head, and no time is wasted, not even the mess
That is social justice and incarceration 
It won’t stop my access to new information
Creation is key and opposes stagnation
And it’s deep in all life, love, imagination

Just popped in my head, a thought from a guy
He was rather plump and his name was pork pie
And one day he engaged in a rebellious act
Walking past tesco he finally cracked
And walked straight inside as he saw with his eyes
The fresh and delicious section of pies
Not a penny to pay, he took one and ate it
And he manager came over and demanded the payment
With no money produced, he called the cops
And they rushed straight on over for it was their jobs
And they handcuffed him up and persisted arresting
So straight to the station, to the cell now, no messing
And they kept him in prison for all of a week
Which was okay for him as it guaranteed him to eat
And a roof over his head and nice central heating
And a blanket and bed, not the worst type of treating
And that is the story of the name of pork pie
A situation not dissimilar to the situation of mine

Freedom for all!